Friday, September 5, 2008

ABC soup

This is my 1st blog about soup...Juz an ordinary popular ABC soup which i cook last nite...Very easy to cook especially for whom not a very talent cook like meFree Emoticons For Your Blog...
Why it name ABC instead of mix vege soup? Erm...for my opinion, I thk because it like ABC ice shave, everything mix in a bowl..So, this soup also same... everything mix into the pot & cook until it become a delicious & nutritious soup...
There got no fix ingredients for this soup, as long as what vege u prefer, then juz add into it...Here we go with this ordinary easy recipe :-

1 Potato - cut into medium pieces
1 Tomato - cut into 4 pieces
chicken breast with bone (remove skin) - halve it
1 carrot - cut into medium pieces
few pieces of taufu - halve it
1 big onion - halve it
few slice of ginger
Some salt & pepper powder to taste
a big bowl of water
2 small bowl of hot boiling water

1. Blanched the chicken breast with the hot boiling water for few minutes. Then, remove it & blanched in cool water.
2. Bring a big bowl of water to boil in the soup pot.
3. Add in all the ingredients except salt. Let it boil for few minutes in high heat.
4. Then lower heat & simmer for about an hours till the potato & carrot become soft.
5. Remove from heat & add in some salt & pepper powder to taste. Ready to serve.

Note: This is for 2 persons portion.

Very easy right? I'm sure everybody knw how to cook it....Very refreshing & satisfying soup...Yummy yummy...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

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Kay said...

yummy..yummy..will try it once i'm in kk..