Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another simple ordinary recipe for share

Recently feel moody...Dunno why? maybe caused by the hot weatherFree Emoticons For Your Blog...So, no mood for me to blog...Juz read other people's blogs...I salute with those bloggers whom update their blog regularly & their blog content very interesting & informative...For me, I feel ashamed with the things i blog here..Free Emoticons For Your BlogSo simple & ordinary...That's why it call "An ordinary Life Of me"Free Emoticons For Your Blog...I hope u guys dun mind with my boring blog...
Here I share another healthy vege recipe...Stir fry broccoli with ham....

Ingredients :-
A small bunch of broccoli - cut into small pcs
Carrot - Slice it
2 pieces of ham - Slice it
Chopped garlic

Seasonings :-
2 cups of water
1 tbs of cooking oil for stir fry
Half tsp of cooking oil for blanch
1 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tsp of light soya sauce
Half tsp of maggi seasoning sauce
Half tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of corn flour - mix with 1 tsb of water
1 cup of water
Some salt to taste

Method :-
Blanch the broccoli & carrot with 2 cup of hot boiling water & half tsp of oil for few minutes then remove & dry it....
Heat the wok & add in the oil....Follow by garlic...Then add in the ham...When the ham became fragrance, add in the broccoli & carrot..
Stir fry it & then add in the water...Next add in the oyster sauce, light soya sauce, Maggi seasoning sauce & sesame oil...Mix it up & left it for few minutes....Finally, add in the corn flour batter & some salt to taste...Stir to mix it up...
Dish up...Mission complete...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

Hope u like it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missing In Action..

Hi...everybody! Long time didn't update my blog...Where I've been missing for this period time?...I didn't go anywhere...Juz stay in my hometown...Some lazy worm stay inside me...keep me away fm blogging...Yesterday was public holiday for Sabah...So, I took leave on Monday so can 'lazying' 3 daysFree Emoticons For Your Blog...
Haiz...I've spent most of my holiday time at saloon to straighten my hair...Believe or not?Free Emoticons For Your Blog...I've been using 13 hours to straighten my hair....The first 5 hours on las Saturday...Thn another 3 hours on Sunday....The rest on Tuesday...Why??? For 1st time, my hair look not exactly i went back to the saloon on Sunday & spent 3 hours to straighten t not so straight part....When finish, the end of my hair stil very stubborn not straight at all so the bosslady ask me to go back on yesterday (Tuesday)... I thought wil only took 3 hours but not is 5 hoursFree Emoticons For Your Blog...They start the straightening process from beginning but use more powerful chemical...FYI, they are using Shiseido brand crystalizing straigtening chemical...but this is not my 1st time to do my hair straightening in this saloon...really disappointing...& somemore it's not cheap...but now my hair stil look not vy straight at the end part of my hair....haiz...dunno wat problem but luckily t top part look hopefully after wash my hair, it wil stay straight & fineFree Emoticons For Your Blog...coz i dun wan to spend more hours & $$ in tat saloon anymore... Free Emoticons For Your Blog

Friday, September 5, 2008

ABC soup

This is my 1st blog about soup...Juz an ordinary popular ABC soup which i cook last nite...Very easy to cook especially for whom not a very talent cook like meFree Emoticons For Your Blog...
Why it name ABC instead of mix vege soup? Erm...for my opinion, I thk because it like ABC ice shave, everything mix in a bowl..So, this soup also same... everything mix into the pot & cook until it become a delicious & nutritious soup...
There got no fix ingredients for this soup, as long as what vege u prefer, then juz add into it...Here we go with this ordinary easy recipe :-

1 Potato - cut into medium pieces
1 Tomato - cut into 4 pieces
chicken breast with bone (remove skin) - halve it
1 carrot - cut into medium pieces
few pieces of taufu - halve it
1 big onion - halve it
few slice of ginger
Some salt & pepper powder to taste
a big bowl of water
2 small bowl of hot boiling water

1. Blanched the chicken breast with the hot boiling water for few minutes. Then, remove it & blanched in cool water.
2. Bring a big bowl of water to boil in the soup pot.
3. Add in all the ingredients except salt. Let it boil for few minutes in high heat.
4. Then lower heat & simmer for about an hours till the potato & carrot become soft.
5. Remove from heat & add in some salt & pepper powder to taste. Ready to serve.

Note: This is for 2 persons portion.

Very easy right? I'm sure everybody knw how to cook it....Very refreshing & satisfying soup...Yummy yummy...Free Emoticons For Your Blog