Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Any idea what the meaning of this word, 'VEDABLU'? Free Emoticons For Your Blog..This is the name of the premium ice-cream which is well-known amongst KK(Kota Kinabalu) people...The founder of this Vedablu is frm KK...Thy import the machines frm Italy & uses the fresh & natural ingredients to make this premium ice-cream. Thy have factory in KK to produce this ice-cream...So far, they have 5 outlets in KK, 1 franchicee in tawau & another 1 will be opening soon in my hometown sandakan... Their ice-cream is not cheap...about RM6 perscoop...i wonder how tasty & the quality of this ice-cream...Free Emoticons For Your Blogi will try it out once it open on this coming Sunday (National Day)...Anyone have tried this ice-cream before? Pls feel free to share ur comment here...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

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