Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Girl

This is the cake for the birthday girl from her godmother (my auntie), order from her neighbour... Yoghurt Cheese Cake....Even though t cake decoration look so simple but it taste yummy...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

Wow...Seem a lot of presents the birthday girl received...That is my other niece(blue color cloth) in that pic, she oso very excited to see the cake & presents,Free Emoticons For Your Blog she even told us her birthday is today(her birthday still got 2 months to go) lol...

The below pic I edit it yesterday, I add some cute stuff in it..Nice? Free Emoticons For Your Blog

Hope the birthday girl enjoy her day & presents...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

1 comment:

nc said...

so cute ur so many presents..i never got so many presents when my bday come o,,uhuhuuu.. :(..but,,nevrmind la kn,,hehe :)