Monday, July 28, 2008


Free Emoticons For Your BlogThis is another ordinary recipe I like to share here. Loofah...It is a type of cucumber...The taste more nice than real cucumber...I mean after cook...This vege can used to make body scrub sponge when it mature....

Loofah- remove the skin, cut half & slice it into thin pieces
Carrot - slice it into thin pieces
1 no. egg
Some glass noodles - soak it in cool water until soft
Some dry fish (bought it from Korea), can substitute with dry shrimp
Some chopped garlics
Some 'tung choi' (preserved vegetable)

1 tbsp of oyster sauce
Half tsp of maggi seasoning sauce
2 tbsp of oil
Some salt & pepper powder to taste
1 cup of water

Heat the wok & add the oil. Then, sautee the chopped garlic until fragrant.
After that, add in the dry fish/shrimp...Stir fry it until fragrant.
Follow by loofah & carrot...Stir fry it for while & add the oyster sauce & maggi seasoning...Continue to stir it...
Then, pour in water & the 'tung choi'...
Let it simmer until the loofah tender, add some salt & pepper powder...
Finally, pour in the beaten egg & stir it...
Dish up...Free Emoticons For Your Blog

Here is my ordinary Stir fry loofah with egg & glass noodle..

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