Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fried Belacan Four-Winged Beans

Last week I went to market & saw this Four-winged beans...Free Emoticons For Your BlogStraight away I bought it coz long time din eat it since i married...A bunch of 5 or 6 pieces cost RM1...Enough for 2 persons...This bean is more tasty if cook with belacan... So, I went to supermarket to bought a Maggi brand belacan/shrimp powder (more convenience)...
The ingredients I need to cook this dish are show in the picture below:-

Four-Winged Beans (cut into small pieces)
Some Dried Shrimps
Some chopped garlics
Some chopped chili (cili padi)

1 tsp Maggi belacan powder
1 tbsp of oil
2 tbsp of water

First of all, heat the wok and add in the oil.
Add in the chopped garlics, follow by dried shrimps, chopped chili & belacan powder.
Sautee it until fragrant.
Then, add in the four-winged beans.
Stir fry it & add in the water. Continue to stir fry until the beans cook.
Finally, dish out & serve with hot rice.
It's a very easy dish...I'm sure everybody can cook it... Free Emoticons For Your Blog

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