Monday, February 2, 2009

Award aka Tag

Award ka or tag? Anyway, thanks Nc for this pretty award... What I know about Nc?...
She is very active & cute gal since i knew her in ums... So strange is we din get close during that time, but now very close when we apart (Thanks to cyber technology)... We share alot of info & problems such as career, love life, health & etc... Even though she look tough & happy, but inside her heart she is weak & quite negative thinking (Me too either, so we very understand our both feeling)... She was engaged to a teacher... Hope her Mr.Right will love & protect her forever...

To qualify for this tag, I need to state 10 facts/ hobbies about myself. Here we go,
  1. I'm so grateful with my life now. I have a husband, job, house, money (not a lot, at least cukup-cukup makan) & hopefully this year I can add another member to my little family;
  2. I'm the kind of people who dun have any ambition & objective...just depend to fate;
  3. Not outgoing person...passive...that's why I dun have many friend here;
  4. 'Hangat-hangat tahi ayam'...If i think want to do something, I need to do it in advance...If not, later I dun have any mood to make it happen;
  5. Can sit still for few hours in front of pc...especially in office (online or doing work?)hehe, that's why I'm putting on weight at my bottom part of my body;
  6. Very deligent to do housechore when I'm alone at home...If my hubby around, I'm very lazy...really no idea why like that;
  7. Play mahjong with my sisters & parent (not alwiz lar, juz to kill time)can consider hobby ka?;
  8. Very hard to make decision...Libra ma, of course hard kan...both need to be fair...Alwiz need to look opinion from my hubby especially in my entire, but at last oso din believe on him;
  9. Hardly go for exercise...later I will became 'fei poh';
  10. I'm trying to control my bad temper... hopefully can change it...I wan to be a happy happy person... dun wan to let my hubby to be my victim of hot temper (nc, let work together ya).
Am I qualify for this AWARD???

1 comment:

nc said...

of cos u deserve the award amoi,, hehe..auwww.. i luv how u describe the last sentence about me,," i hope her mr right will protect her forever" ..hahaha..feel like cinderella story pula haha :)
thnks amoi..