Monday, January 12, 2009

Been tagged by Nc

*The 5 Things That Made Me Proud in 2008*
1) Upgrade to other stage of life...Been married & share life with my other half;Free Emoticons For Your BlogFree Emoticons For Your Blog

2) Travel oversea...That was my 1st time to travel oversea to South Korea for honeymoon;Free Emoticons For Your Blog

3) First time give out angpow...Previously only received angpow but start from 2008 need to give out angpow...But still received angpow from my parents & grandma;Free Emoticons For Your Blog

4) Wife responsibility...FYI, I need to work but in the meantime I need to cook dinner & do all the house chore daily...quite tiring ...I thought I can't handle it but I can...Want to be a perfect wife ma;Free Emoticons For Your Blog

5) I think the last should be blogging...Thank you Nc for ur encouragement & inspiration for me to start my blog...At least, I got a place to express my feeling & show up my humble cooking skill...Free Emoticons For Your Blog


nc said...

hi liang moi,,im sure there's more things that made us proud last year kn..hehe..well ourselves..:)

yep. keep on blogging ya,,any new recipe? hehe

Michelle said...

new recipe a?...on t way...:D